Full Service Removals

For the ultimate in convenience and efficiency, opt for a full move with GNQ Removals. This comprehensive service includes packing and relocation. Leave the fuss and hassle of moving to the experienced professionals!

Superior Protection for your Belongings

At GNQ Removals we understand how important it is for you to see your belongings arrive at the new location without incurring any damage. That’s why our team always takes extreme care in providing superior protection for your belongings throughout the removal process. Your furniture will be fully wrapped in clean and dry felt padding for the duration of transit. In this way we can guarantee that your belongings will arrive safely in the same condition in which they left.

Trained Packing Specialists

The team at GNQ Removals are trained packing specialists. We will pack your belongings using only top quality boxes and other packing materials. All your items will be packed carefully and safely to protect them throughout the process of loading, moving, and unloading.

Specialist Packing Services Available

You can rely on GNQ Removals to pack everything, or just some of your belongings. It’s always a good idea to entrust the packing of your valuable items to a professional team. At GNQ Cairns Removals we are also antique specialists, employing specific materials and methods to ensure your treasured and delicate antiques are transported safely to their new location.

Professional Packing Services
GNQ Removals offers a range of professional packing services for your convenience. These services include:
Full packing service
Partial packing service
Local packing services
Interstate packing services
Residential relocations
Corporate relocations

Packing Materials Order Form


Address *

Book Carton *

Standard Carton *

Portarobe *

Packing Tape *

Wrapping Paper *

Book/Wine Carton

Length 406mm
Width 298mm
Height 431mm
Price: $3.95 (excl.GST)

Brown Packing Tape

Length 75metres
Width 48mm
・ The most used tape in the industry
・ Long lasting with low deterioration
Price: $3.00 (excl.GST)

Standard Carton

Length 431mm
Width 406mm
Height 596mm
Price : $5.95 (excl.GST)


Length 595mm
Width 479mm
Height 1106mm
・ Packing your wardrobe has never been easier with this super strong twin cushioned portarobe
・ Extra heavy duty for multiple use
・ No folding of clothes necessary,just hang them directly onto the steel rail
Price: $22.00 (excl.GST)

White Wrapping Paper

Length 760mm
Width 510mm
・ 50 sheets

Price: $5.50 (excl.GST)

Transit Insurance

Transit insurance is included.We can not sell insurance due to government regulations.

Please contact your Insurance company for full insurance.

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